Tempeh is a traditional Javanese food typically made from fermented soybeans, mung beans, adzuki beans, black beans or chickpeas and processed into a cake form. It has a nutty flavour and a firm texture that makes it ideal for grilling, or pan frying in oil with other fried vegetables as a meat substitute. Tempeh is popular in vegan and vegetarian diets because it is a complete source of protein, and has vitamin B12. Tempeh has nine essential amino acids for healthy bones and muscles. We offer Vegilante brand tempeh in our Vegetarian Butcher locations in Kelowna, Gastown and Langley, or shop online for our tempeh meat alternatives and have your order delivered.

Tempeh can be pan fried with spices after marinating, baked in an oven, or served plain for its mild nutty flavour. Tempeh is a delicious addition to any pasta sauce, or as a vegan appetizer.

Traditional indonesian grilled skewers of tempe on hot charcoals close up.

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