Why shop at a vegetarian grocery store?

Finding high quality vegetarian and vegan food for a reasonable price, is not an easy task these days, but our goal is to make your shopping life easier. There are many benefits to shopping in local vegetarian specialty stores. Usually, they are smaller, boutique stores owned by entrepreneurs seriously interested in supporting local food producers and the nutritional value of the food. Vegetarian and Vegan consumers find it easier to discover products specific to their individual diets when everything they need is stocked under one roof. Recent online shopping and delivery options increase ease-of-purchase. And it’s comforting to shop in a vegetarian grocery store that supports the community. Staff in vegetarian grocery stores are also well-trained to answer questions about meat-free food, nutrition, and often have the same lifestyle goals as shoppers. In a vegetarian grocery store, your shopping list can be extensive. Shop for pasta, breads, rice, vegetables and fruits, granola crunch and cereals, sauces, beverages, cheese, more cheese, dairy free and non-GMO food, preserves, plant-based meat and did we say cheese?

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Shopping For Beyond Meat Products

When you’re craving meat to barbecue on your deck this summer, but don’t want to break your vegetarian routine, we get it. The Vegetarian Butcher’s selection of BC-made vegan burgers are ready to hit your grill. Choose frozen so you can stock up, or fresh from the display case.

Plant-Based Wack Forest Ham: Yum! on sandwiches and platters, especially with our dairy free cheese slices and fresh toasted bread. Absolutely delicious on breakfast muffins with a cup of fresh coffee or tea.

Fiesta Veggie Links: Instantly enjoyable right out of the box, delivering casing-free goodness to your palate. Chorizo inspired, made with pea protein, coconut oil, sunflower oil, seaweed produced sodium alginate, bell peppers, spice, carrot and maple syrup among other healthy ingredients.

Gusta Artisanal Seitan Loaf: Inspired by traditional kebabs with Middle Eastern spices, there’s so many ways to cook this versatile seitan product.

Popcorn Chicken, Sweet & Sour Bites, Grilled or Crispy Chicken Burgers or Slices: All seitan-based and available in both our stores in Gastown (Vancouver) and Kelowna. The little appetizers are perfect lunch stuffers for the kids, great in the picnic basket, and store more safely in the cooler than whole meats.

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Our staff are ready to answer questions you have about the goodness of vegetarian or vegan eating, from explaining the ingredients in plant-based meat products, to the nutritional value of baked goods and specialty groceries. For inspirational photos of vegetarian products stocked in our grocery store, we invite you to visit our Instagram page.

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