The benefits of vegetarian gastronomy are so numerous, it was hard to stop making an extensive list. We’ll stick to three top perks to healthy eating;

  1. Grow-Your-Own edible gardens are becoming more popular as urban and city dwellers learn the benefits of deck and balcony container gardens and the food they produce. The fact that we can grow our own food at arm’s reach to the kitchen, is all the encouragement some of us need to make a switch toward self sufficiency. There’s no match for fresh picked basil and oregano for your homemade pasta recipe. In the winter months, when sunlight is at a minimum and temperatures drop, we can grow microgreens and other crops under full-spectrum lights that are ultra-efficient for boosting growth cycles. Products for growing your own food at home are becoming easier to find, whether you shop locally or order grow lights and home-grown accessories online.
  2. Thinking about the planet. As we enter the decades ahead with global awareness of deforestation and land destruction to facilitate meat production, can we help ecologically by supporting local fruit, berry, dairy and vegetable farmers? We’re fortunate to live in Southcentral BC where the Okanagan Valley and Lower Mainland produce a vast variety of healthy crops to source for home baked meals, preserves, and prepared foods. Preserving the earth’s natural resources has become a priority for some, and vegetarianism logically supports this goal.
  3. Losing weight and meeting self-health goals. When eating for health is a focus, consider healthy vegetarian eating. Skip non-meat foods like prepared food with sugar and glucose or deep-fried meat thick in saturated fat. Healthy vegetarian meals consist of high-quality food, like the meals lovingly prepared by the trained staff at our Vegetarian Butcher locations in Kelowna and Gastown. Think organic penne artisanal pasta, garden herb chao slices (yum!), or fresh in-house made hummus – a great dip for those veggies you just harvested from your container garden off the deck.
Young woman preparing vegetable salad in her kitchen

What to Serve for Dinner

Pondering a delicious, but healthy home meal for family and friends? You’ll impress your hungry peeps with The Vegetarian Butcher’s house-made lasagna ready to bake whenever you have time. Made with Modern meat crumble, pulse almond chevre cheese and shredded Gusta Italiano, the only hard part to this meal will be choosing the perfect VQA wine to pair.

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We invite pro and new vegetarians in Kelowna to our location at 3957 Lakeshore Road, #103. If you’re not a vegetarian, visit us anyway. We’re sure you’ll be impressed when you taste our delicious selection of healthy food.

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