Fresh organic leafy sprouts can be made with vegetable seeds like broccoli, beets (they turn a gorgeous red colour), clover, mustard greens and fenugreek. If you love a peppery hot taste, add radish seeds. Sprouts are colourful and pack a punch that livens up any salad or picnic sandwich, but you can also throw sprouts into a quick fry with onions, peppers and your favourite Vegetarian Butcher meat alternative.

How to Make Your Own Sprouts

You’ll need a mason jar and screen lid for rinsing and draining your seeds. Amber jars work great since they block light, and sprouting happens in the dark. If you don’t have an amber jar, that’s okay, just place it in a dark place like a cupboard. Put a tablespoon of seeds in your clean jar and add filtered water to soak the seeds overnight. In the morning, rinse well then drain, turning the jar upside down to make sure all the water seeps out and repeat the rinsing and thorough draining process – four times a day for four days or so until the sprouts are the size you like. At this point, the sprouts can be removed from the jar, thoroughly rinsed again and placed in the light where they will “green up” via the process of photosynthesis. It’s important to keep your sprouts well rinsed with clean water, washing away unsprouted seeds, and drained very thoroughly so they are not sitting in water while the process unfolds. It’s best to eat the entire batch immediately after they green up for ultimate hygiene and nutritional benefits – these include increased protein, antioxidants and higher levels of amino acid.

Vegetarian burger with fresh microgreens

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