Microgreens may seem micro, but they pack a nutritional punch. You can grow them at home in small containers by a windowsill with plenty of light and good drainage. While some prefer to plant seeds in soil, other growers like the Terrafibre cubes and planting mats for a mess-free option. They are 100 percent biodegradable and can be easily composted. Sprinkle your seeds densely and evenly to cover your growing medium. Larger seeds like peas can be inserted just below the surface of the soil. Using a mist sprayer works well, as this type of watering doesn’t disturb germination. Microgreens have to be kept moist to germinate and thrive. In the winter months when the sunlight dims, microgreens can be grown under full spectrum grow lights for year-round harvesting.

Microgreens need strong light, or they will grow spindly rather than compacting into bright green shoots. When grown in the right conditions, microgreens are crunchy and flavourful – perfect for spicing up salads and sandwiches.

Microgreens sprouts of radish and cress ub glass bowl near homemade sandwich

Popular seeds for microgreen growing include beets, sunflower seeds, peas, fenugreek, arugula, kale, amaranth and Swiss chard. Mix and match for customized flavour, or plant for colour artistry. Beet seeds produce vermillion stems with vibrant green leaves, and look stunning in salads. They’re also more nutrient dense than beet roots pulled from the garden in September.

The benefits of healthy eating continue to be supported by clinical studies and our growing vegetarian community. As a super-food, microgreens provide sulphoraphane (a cancer fighting compound as found in broccoli microgreens), and high concentrations of vitamins and minerals. Pea shoots, for example, contain seven times more vitamin C than blueberries, and eight times the folic acid of beans.

As a vegetarian, you’re probably interested in growing your own food as a readily available organic food source, and the mouth-watering taste not found in products that sit on store shelves. The peppery flavour is due to a compound called glucosinolate, also found in mustard greens.

If you’re just learning how to grow veggies, inside or out, planting radish seeds will boost your confidence as a gardener for their rapid growth and resiliency. Radish microgreens will sprout in about six days, with potential harvesting at ten days, depending on the variety. Radish microgreens are hot, spicy and the perfect topping for your avocado taco.

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