We have meal kits for fast meal preps featuring our PBB (Plant Based Build) Caesar Wrap Kit and Taco Kit. PBB is a young company based in Kelowna focused on creating the best tasting vegetarian/meal prep recipes and home workout plans for ultimate health results. Here at the Vegetarian Butcher, we share the same philosophy, creating community links with local farms and food producers to provide a positive experience for our shoppers. Meal kits are easy to prepare and serve any time of the day.
Our Caesar Wrap Kit is loaded with kale, soy curls, grape tomatoes, in-house vegan Caesar dressing and of course, wraps. Kale is a nutrition superstar with vitamins A, K, B6 and C, plus calcium, potassium, copper and manganese. Kale holds its texture very well in cooking and is delicious raw as well. If you buy fresh kale from our grocery department, wash it, remove the centre rib and tear up the leaves before adding them to your stir fry or green salad. Soy curls are a meat alternative made by boiling then dehydrating soybeans. Because this process is entirely natural, they are considered a whole food.
Our Taco Kit is a real favourite for weekend taco nights. Included, are 12 taco shells, VB taco ground, VB cashew sour cream (delicious!), shredded lettuce, tomatoes and shredded vegan cheese. Call ahead to order so we can make this kit fresh for you. Check back for seasonal kits made for holiday celebrations featuring traditional meals. The Vegetarian Butcher is all about replicating that meat-loving taste and texture with healthy plant-based alternatives to support vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.

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