Zest up your meals with grated cheddar, melted cream cheese or a generous shake of spicy parmesan. Delicious vegan cheese is no longer hard to find, the only difficulty is deciding which ones to buy for your cheese board. Vegan cheese is made from a variety of healthy foods, including cashews, almonds, and basil and oregano are sometimes added for pizza lovers. These dairy-free products are available with the same original cheese taste, added herbs and spices for any recipe in the queue.

What is our best-selling vegan cheese? We’re glad you asked. Made by Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze – Voursin is our best seller (it’s the perfect flavour match to the popular spreadable cheese called Boursin). Intense flavours deliver a mouth-watering herb and garlic cream cheese spread for melting over your favourite comfort foods.


If you love a clean nutty flavour in cheese, try Nuts for Cheese varieties. From smooth to bold, rich and golden coloured, these non-dairy cheese wedges add delightful taste and artistic appeal to any cheese board. Try this brand’s Smoky Artichoke and Herb, an organic and dairy-free fermented cashew product with a dash of lemon pesto and smoke.

Love dill? We do too. Dillicious is a dill and garlic cream cheeze spread perfect as a topping on bagels, baked potatoes, salads, and it works in a homemade Greek tzatziki base. Try Dillicious Cream Cheeze in stuffed mushrooms or spooned on top of fresh steamed carrots.

Whether you prefer creamy and crumbly almond chevre on salads, or jalapeno veddar in your grilled cheese sandwich, one fact is certain – VB cheese is a hit with anyone who tries it, and a top choice on cheese platters loaded with local fruit and honey.

Cheese platter

Shop our online store to order for pickup or have your cheese locally delivered. We have so many cheese styles and tastes to choose from, we know you’ll be amazed at the cheesy goodness to try – straight-up as an appetizer or added to your fav recipe.

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