A new year has arrived, and as we continue on with business and socializing through virtual meetings, we’re finding new ways to normalize in current conditions. Remote work-at-home employees still need to group together to maintain a team spirit and one of the best ways to enjoy each other’s company online is to eat a meal together. We all need to book time off for lunch, so why not spend that time together with healthy delivered meals by The Vegetarian Butcher?

Virtual events are not only enjoyed by professional staffers. Friends and family don’t need to miss each other’s company on a casual basis, and especially when events are pending like baby showers and anniversaries. Do you want to do something special for a kid’s party? There’s plenty to choose from our menu that kids would love, like our dip-and-eat nuggets, chili tenders, and cheese boards. In fact, any reason is a great reason to gather together with friends and enjoy a virtual meal together, no matter where you live in Gastown or Kelowna.

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Virtual Lunches – What to Eat

Invite your team or party friends to browse our MENU online, choose their meal, then call us to make the delivery arrangements.

Soups and Sandwiches: Winter food for the soul, hearty soups with your fav sandwich made fresh for dipping.

Salads: Fresh, crispy, leafy salads, toona or potato salad – the perfect addition to any lunch for any season.

Charcuterie Boxes: Browse our menu for the ultimate vegetarian charcuterie to share with virtual friends.

Don’t forget the cheese! Have you tried our local artisanal cheeses made by dedicated BC producers?

Meal Kits: Here’s a treat the kids will love – our new meal kits, the ultimate collection of lunch items in one convenient box, ready to prepare and devour. Great choice for home school groups or virtual birthday parties. Our next article is going to explain more about our new meal kits. We hope you join us back here for more reading!

Fast Flat Rate or Free Delivery

Call us to set up your virtual lunch meeting: In Kelowna: (250) 448-3951 or Gastown: (604) 424-8888

Find vegan and vegetarian recipes here: RECIPES