B.C. Suppliers

Our Favourite Suppliers

The Vegetarian Butcher is proud to support local food producers, who work hard to give us some of the highest quality food on the planet. Here’s a short list of some products you’ll find in our stores:

Planty of Nosh

A frozen line of Okanagan-made unique vegan entrees, savoury spreads and sweets. Choose from a selection of whole-food plant-based vegan meals made with organic ingredients such as seeds, lentils and beans, tofu, oats, fresh vegetables, grains, and maple syrup.

Blissful Belly

Delicious, moist (celiac-safe) gluten free, plant-based products using real whole food ingredients. Biscotti bars, macaroons, oat bars and more, made with love in Penticton, BC

Komo Foods

Easy and wholesome! From Bolognese sauce to lasagna to taco fillings – these are comfort food classics for the dinner table.


A gourmet burger made from 100% plant protecin. Packed with smoky, savoury flavour. Try their hickory maple sausages or spicy sicilian, or the original bratwurst.

Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze

Some of our most popular cheeses come from Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze in Armstrong. Try their herbed Vozzerella on pizza, designed for taste and melting qualities. Grate from frozen onto pizza or vegetables then toast.

Sajiva Kombucha

organic & raw: From their brewery in Kelowna, Sajiva Kombucha delivers the very best in Kombucha quality, for incredible taste and benefits for heart, brain and gut health. Kombucha is a naturally effervescent fermented tea originating in the far east around 2,000 years ago.

Pulse Kitchen

Specialty vegan food made in Penticton BC. 100% plant based and gluten free. All of their products contain pulses such as dried beans, lentils or peas. Their products are not only delicious, they are high in protein and fiber and very low on the glycemic index, so great for diabetic diets. Try their tangy, tasty sharp cheddar made with local gluten free beer for extra sharpness.

Charlotte’s Dried Okanagan Plums

Italian prune plums grown in Kelowna, sliced and pitted from frozen. They are then thawed in small batches and transported to a local facility to be dried. Enjoy them in smoothies and baked fruit recipes. They are keto friendly, and although sweet, are within the moderate carb range with 10 grams of net carbs per 100 grams of fruit.

Our Favourite Product Partners

Avenue M.ca
Bee My Guest
Black Sheep
Blissful Belly
Blue Heron Cheese
Breathe Kitchen
Drop Naked
Happy Veggie World
Healthy Hippo
Jade & Joel
Farming Karma
Kaslo Sourdough
KFW Distributing
Komo Foods
kula kitchen
Legends Haul
Lotus Seed
Mindful Food
Modern Meat
NutMeg Mylk
Ocean Deli
OK Rawesome
Planty of Nosh
Pulse Cheeze
Salty Caramel Kitchen
Save Da Sea
Silver King
Simply Delish
Squish Juicery
Stoke Juice
2 Taste Buddies
To Live For
True Taste
Umami Crave the 5th
Unami Bomb
Vegan Supply
YummyBear Foods