Chickpeas (also called garbanzo beans) are in the legume family – along with beans and lentils. They grow up to 91 cm tall with pods that form on the upper section of the plant. While most of the chickpeas we buy in vegan grocery stores are grown in India, California and Washington also have bragging rights to successfully growing this crop. Two types of chickpeas are cultivated, kabuli, the most common variety, and desi. They are eaten as a dry crop or green vegetable and the seeds are sold in cans or in dried packages. These legumes have a nutty buttery flavour and creamy texture for versatility in many vegetarian recipes. Healthwise, chickpeas are a legitimate source of folate, insoluble and soluble fiber, iron, phosphorus, linoleic and oleic acids and protein, making them a perfect choice for the meat alternative market. Enjoy your cooked chickpeas in salads, soups and stews, veggie burgers or hummus.

Chole Paneer curry made using boiled chickpea with cottage cheese with spices

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Chickpea Toona Sandwich

Our in-house blend of chickpeas, red peppers, onion and dill serviced on fresh 9 grain bread.

Chickpea Tempeh Meat Alternative

Tempeh fermentation at its best in this Vegilante brand meat alternative with adzuki beans, black beans, soybeans, mung beans and of course, chickpeas.

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